5 Reasons to Make the Handful Bra a Wardrobe Staple

Many of us spend a lot of time and money searching for bras that fit comfortably with the right amount of support, only to look forward to taking them off at the end of the day. After Travel Well’s test of the adjustable Handful sports bra, for the first time in my life, I genuinely look forward to putting a bra ON. The Handful has become a wardrobe staple for 5 key reasons, and it just may become yours, too. read more

12 Tiny House Pros and Cons

Tiny house living has some obvious pros and cons: money savings, fewer amenities, mobility, minimal storage, smaller footprint, more red tape. But what's less obvious is that the trade-offs are as varied as the tiny house community itself, each unique to the individual dweller, and they are fluid. What's a pro today might be a con tomorrow. In just six months of living in 250 square feet on wheels, we quickly discovered our 12 big pros and cons, some expected, some unexpected, and all open to change in the next six months. read more

Travel Well has a new online store!

Travel Well is excited to announce the newest addition to the magazine: an online store! We love helping people find the products that help them live and travel sustainably healthy, and we're proud to spread the word about businesses and nonprofits providing such goods. read more

6 Tiny Living Principles Everyone Should Try

No matter what your feelings are on tiny home living, I think we can all agree that living with less meaningless crap and more of what makes us happy is a pretty good life goal, right? There are several principles to tiny living that we encourage, all of which can be used no matter how big your home is or how much you travel, to free up your space, mind and wallet for the things that truly matter to you. read more

10 Tiny House FAQs

After our first six months of living in a tiny house, we're no experts in the tiny life just yet, but we are accustomed to answering a handful of frequently asked questions. If you're curious what it's like to live in 250 square feet on wheels, here's some inside intel from the Travel Well tiny house. read more

Travel Well to Appear on Tiny House Nation 8/27, 9 PM EST on FYI

Tiny House Nation's season 3 finale will feature Travel Well Magazine and our journey going tiny. Tune in to FYI at 9 PM EST on August 27 to see Alexa and Allen pare down and take tiny challenges with host John Weisbarth while Zack Giffin crafts some amazing tiny house projects, all with travel, wellness and sustainability in mind. read more

30 Days to the Perfect Pull Up [workout plan]

For many, pull ups are out of reach, but that doesn't mean they have to stay that way. We've teamed up with Perfect Fitness to bring you a 30-day workout series to take you from zero to pull-up pro, plus a chance to win a Perfect Pullup home workout system! read more

Local Guide to Sydney Beaches

Sydney, Australia is known for its rich beach culture. If you have yet to discover all the beaches this beautiful city has to offer, now’s a perfect time to start exploring with this guide from a Sydney local. read more

#LiveWithLess 30-Day Challenge

Particularly here in the US, modern societies over-consume far more than we need, leading to a mammoth global waste problem and the crushing weight of too much stuff on our shoulders. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Eartheasy and The Story of Stuff Project to empower you to free yourself from the chains of stuff with this fun 30-day challenge. Pare down your life in one small way each day between Earth Day (April 22) and Biodiversity Day (May 22), and not only will you be happier and lighter at the end of the month, you’ll have a chance to win a sweet prize from! read more

6 Strategies to Travel with Only a Carry-on

  I, like many, was raised to be an over packer, a side effect of the chronic what ifs and just in cases that lead to closets full of rarely- to never-used stuff. On the surface, packing for contingencies makes sense—it would probably ruin some travel memories to...

read more

Product Review: OnSight Equipment Travel and Fitness Gear

On a recent press trip to Chicago, Travel Well had the chance to try some OnSight Equipment products courtesy of Eartheasy, an online retailer of sustainable living products. Based in British Columbia, OnSight Equipment specializes in sustainable outdoors and travel...

read more

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