Big changes is right.

In early 2015, Fit Travels is becoming a digital magazine! Our focus will remain on bringing you all the best resources in health and wellness for avid travelers and busy non-travelers alike, so readers will continue to enjoy the same content we’ve been publishing since our launch, just with a slightly better flavor. But here at Fit Travels (new name to be announced soon!) travel wellness doesn’t end with our own personal health and fitness. Traveling well also means leaving our destinations better than we found them—environmentally, culturally and economically. Our travels and fitness endeavors should have a positive impact on local cultures, wildlife and the global climate, improving the wellness of all living things.

Photo credit: Joshua Davis, Flickr

Photo credit: Joshua Davis, Flickr

And this mission starts right here at home, by keeping our magazine (and the 30×30 Program) totally digital to eliminate the need for printing; publishing articles and stories from aspiring writers and other professionals; shopping small, local and green for ourselves and our business needs; covering people, places and companies that embody our values; and inspiring readers to make themselves and the world around them happier and healthier.

So as we prepare to make the switch in January, we want to hear from you! If you have a story idea for us to cover or a question you want answered, contact us! If you’re an aspiring writer, blogger or journalist (students included) and want to see your work published here, learn more about our contributor opportunities and pitch us your idea.

Can’t wait for our first issue? Here’s a sneak peak.

HINT: All of the companies and products below are homegrown in NC!

  • A pair of fit fanatics who hand makes and delivers protein-packed snacks, desserts and meal replacements has created a rapidly growing following
  • A group of board sports enthusiasts in need of ways to train and practice off the pavement/water/slopes developed leading balance boards for skill, fitness and balance training
  • A former college basketball player stationed in a developing country in the Peace Corps needed a dynamic way to strength train without a gym and created a popular training system that uses rubber loops of varying weights
  • Home brewing animal lovers are turning their love of creative craft brews into a microbrewery whose proceeds will provide grants to no-kill shelters and animal protection organizations

And so much more. But until January, stay tuned on the blog and social media for our regularly scheduled programming to keep you fueled and fit through December!

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