The prize drawing for this challenge is no longer open, but take it on anyway to start feeling more relaxed and refreshed every day.


30 Day Challenge February

FEBRUARY 2015 CHALLENGE: Stretch for 20 minutes every day.

Stretching is one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your health, but it’s often the most neglected daily habit. Stretching for just 20 minutes a day can significantly improve range of motion in your joints; ease tension, soreness and stress; relax the mind; reduce the aches and pains of sedentary work and repetitive use injuries; prevent headaches and migraines; reduce your risk of injury; improve athletic performance; increase blood flow and encourage good circulation; and so much more. With benefits like these, why is stretching often blown off or forgotten?

We’re setting out to change that by challenging you to stretch for at least 20 minutes a day between February 1 and March 2, 2015 at 11:55PM EST (and then keep the habit going after the challenge, too!) We’ve even created a stretching routine for you to follow (see below) along with tips on sneaking more stretching into your daily routine.


THE PRIZE: Travel Well Limited-Edition Hoodie!

…and a more relaxed, flexible and healthier body and mind!

This long-sleeved hooded pullover is the perfect layering piece for all seasons. With the weight of a t-shirt and softness of 100% cotton, this hoodie is super comfortable for travel, exercise and leisure and easy to pack in a tote or carryon. Plus, it’s a limited edition design you can’t find in our store!


For every day you complete the challenge between February 1 and March 2 at 11:55PM, snap a photo of how you fit stretching into your day and share it on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #Stretch20 and tagging Travel Well Magazine (@travelwellmag on Twitter and Instagram.)

Each contestant can enter once per day on each of the three social networks for a total of 3 entries per day, up to 90 total entries for the 30-day challenge. You are welcome and encouraged to post on each network about the challenge more than once a day (we’d love to see your progress!) but only one post per network will count toward your entry total. On March 3, qualifying entries will be chosen from at random and the winner will be announced via the Travel Well Facebook page, so be sure to like the page and follow us there.

Note: We’re on the honor system here, so please be true and honest to yourself and your fellow challengers. If you don’t complete the challenge for a given day, do not post that you did, but do make a promise to yourself to do better the next day!

Hamstring/Side Stretch

20-Minute Total Body Stretch Series

Travel Well’s 20-minute total body stretch takes you through a series designed to relax every major muscle group, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and revitalized.


[See Alexa’s #Stretch20 routine on Instagram!]

Fit More Stretching into Your Day

On the days where you just don’t have 20 minutes to spare (we know the feeling) or you just want to get in some extra relaxation, here are some sneaky ways to fit 20 (more) minutes of stretching into your day while you get other things done:

  • While showering, stretch your neck under the warm water
  • While blowdrying your hair or brushing your teeth, stretch your calves and hamstrings
  • While walking, stretch your shoulders, chest and triceps
  • While talking on the phone, stand and stretch your quads or remain seated and twist
  • While working at your desk, stand and stretch your hip flexors
  • While sitting at your desk, stretch your tush and hips in seated pigeon



Questions? Additional tips on stretching more often? Share with us in the comments!

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