dandelionKindness knows no geographical borders or language barriers, and one act of kindness can grow from a small ripple to a wave of positive change. When we are kind with purpose and intention, not at random, we have the power to make the world brighter and better.

Want to start changing the world today but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are 30 acts of kindness to get you started–one for every day of the month.


  1. Pick (or buy) flowers for someone you see on a daily basis but don’t know personally, like the receptionist in your office building or the barista who makes your coffee.
  2. Buy coffee for the person in line behind you at the cafe.
  3. Leave sticky notes with compliments on them in lockers or on bathroom mirrors.
  4. Share a meal with a homeless person.
  5. Mow the lawn, rake leaves or shovel snow for a neighbor.
  6. Send a thank you note to someone who’s made a difference in your life.
  7. Leave a compliment for your server on the merchant copy of a receipt.
  8. Pick up litter when you walk by it.
  9. Organize stray shopping carts in parking lots and line them up in the cart corrals.
  10. Socialize cats at an animal adoption facility near you to help them get adopted.
  11. Walk a dog for a shelter or an elderly neighbor.
  12. Share information about a cause you love on social media to encourage your friends to support it.
  13. Become an organ donor.
  14. Volunteer at a local school, retirement home, or other organization.
  15. Donate needed items to a nearby shelter: clothes and shoes, blankets, gift cards, food and feminine hygiene products.
  16. Learn how to say “Hello” and “How are you?” in the native language of someone you know who doesn’t speak English, then say it to them!
  17. Leave positive and encouraging chalk graffiti on a busy sidewalk.
  18. Bring breakfast to the nurses in a hospital unit near you.
  19. Send a care package to someone who could use a pick-me-up.
  20. Anonymously clean up a common area, like an office break room or a classroom.
  21. Plant a tree.
  22. Leave a postcard with a kind note for your mail carrier.
  23. Create and give a care kit to a homeless person: toothpaste, tooth brush, comb, shampoo and soap.
  24. Cheer on athletes at a local Special Olympics event.
  25. Anonymously give one of your vacation days to a coworker who needs a break.
  26. Give out free hugs in a public place.
  27. Stop bullying if you see it or nix a gossipy conversation.
  28. Post a social media shout out to someone you know complimenting them or thanking them for something.
  29. Get to know the new person at school, at work or in your neighborhood.
  30. Leave spare quarters at a vending machine or laundry room.


These ideas only scratch the surface of all the kind things you can do for others throughout the day. What are some of your favorite acts of kindness?

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