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Part of living a healthy life is being able to find balance in all that it demands. But between juggling full time jobs, a business venture, a clean house, paying the bills, workouts, meal preparation, relationships, and so much more, it’s not exactly easy to feel balanced. Yet regardless of how busy we are, we find it important to take a step back, breathe deep and spend less time thinking about our responsibilities. In focusing less on ourselves and our busy schedules, it grants us the opportunity to reflect and have an attitude of gratitude for where we are in life.

Two Fit Girls firmly believes in giving back to the communities we live in, serving our local churches and volunteering in various areas of need as a way of finding this balance and gratitude. In business and at play, we have a heart for seeing others experience life in a more positive and encouraging way. Our ability to give back keeps us grounded and brings about a level of gratification that is unrivaled by any other area of our lives.

This might seem like insignificant information, and you may wonder what it has to do with our health, but giving back helps restore internal balance and has an overall positive impact on your physical and mental health. So, we encourage you to step outside of yourself, your to-do list and your comfort zone to give back to something you’re passionate about that nourishes your soul.

The list below includes just a few ways we like to give back. We hope it sparks a little soul searching that encourages you to take a deep breath and see the opportunities all around you to enrich your health through serving others.


Mental illness awareness

Pet adoption and rescue

Cancer awareness and fundraising events

Church missions

Collecting item donations

Food banks and outreach programs

Mentoring youth


What are some of your favorite ways to give back?




Lauren Peper and Jennifer Broughton are the health coaches and personal trainers behind Two Fit Girls, a Raleigh, NC-based company specializing in health coaching, boot camps and healthy foods. To learn more about Two Fit Girls, join their fitness community on Facebook or contact them at



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