There are plenty of apps, websites and other health technology tools out there for us, but what about our furry companions? Our pets’ health and happiness deserves and requires just as much attention as our own, but understanding their dietary and activity needs can be a challenge. Lucky for us and our four-legged friends, pet health technology is on the rise, and these fourteen tools help make it much easier to provide our pets with a healthy, high-quality and happy life.





slimdoggy logoSlimDoggy: This mobile app contains a calorie database of 2,000+ dog foods and helps users track their dogs’ daily activity.

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BringFido: Plug in your location or travel destination and Bring Fido will give you listings of the best dog-friendly parks, beaches, hotels, outdoor restaurants, events and more nearby. This is a great tool for travelers!

Purina Pet Health: Get pet tips, find pet care, set appointments and reminders, record important pet health information and more in this app to have all of your pets’ important info with you wherever you go.

Perfect Dog: Ever want to know a little more about your dog’s breed? Or are you looking at a specific breed for the future? Whether it’s size, behavior, disposition or other information you’re looking for, Perfect Dog can help you identify those traits and help you make important decisions on adopting a new furry family member.

Petfinder: Finding a pet has never been easier or more convenient now that the popular pet adoption website has a mobile app. Save your favorites, find pet organizations, get pet tips and much more.

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petnet smartfeeder

Petnet SmartFeeder

Petnet SmartFeeder: With this automated feeder, you can manage feeding times and portions tailored to your pet’s specific needs through a mobile app.

TORUS Water Bowl: This water bowl automatically stores, replenishes and filters water for pets of all sizes.

Petcube: Use the remote wireless Petcube camera and mobile app and stay connected and interact with your pets when you’re away from home.



Whistle Activity Monitor: This wearable activity monitor easily attaches to any collar and measures your dog’s activity level and automatically sends updates to your phone.

tagg GPS Tracker: Easily attach this GPS tracker to your dog’s collar to make sure you can get them home safe if you’re ever separated, especially in unfamiliar places.

Voyce: This wearable band allows you to track vital signs such as resting heart rate, respiratory rate, symptoms and more, making it a great advancement in the way we store health information and relay it to our pet’s healthcare professionals.

HeyrexVet: Although it’s currently only for vet use, this wearable monitor is great tool for veterinarian aftercare services and would be worth mentioning to your vet. HeyrexVet monitors post-operative recovery, treatment and recognizes mobility issues among many other features your vet needs to know for your pet’s recovery.


Pet Poison Help: This mobile app and website provides information on hundreds of household products and plants that can be toxic to pets and what to do if they’re exposed to them. In an poison emergency, the app also has a one-touch call button directly to the Pet Poison Helpline.

VECCS Emergency Vet Hospital DirectoryThis directory allows you to put in your location to find the nearest emergency vet facility in case the need arises when you’re away from home.


What other tech tools do you use to keep your pets healthy and happy?

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