In addition to our love of the outdoors, we also enjoy traveling and being on the go.  There is always so much to do and see, but living out of a bag, sitting in traffic, standing in lines, or waiting in an airport are not exactly perfect conditions for living a healthy life. In order to ensure that healthy living is truly a lifestyle and that our travels reflect that, we seldom step foot out of the house (or office) without a few of the following essentials.

A healthy snack or meal.

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We have all been there in some capacity or another: You get off work a few minutes later than you planned and knowing you will sit in traffic for at least an hour, you swing into the closest drive thru or convenient store to purchase a snack. Or your flight gets delayed by a few hours and you have no choice but to purchase an overpriced and less-than-healthy snack to hold you over. Having backup snacks like raw nuts, homemade trail mix, fruit and protein powders prevent bad food choices when selections are limited, and they’re easy to carry, energizing and filling.

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A large reusable water bottle.

Because hydration is key to proper bodily function, having water on hand at all times is essential. It can also stave off hunger, alleviate the onset of a headache and support your immune system. While airlines don’t allow full bottles through security checkpoints, you can certainly fill it at a water fountain inside the terminal saving yourself a few dollars and the negative effects of dehydration.

Workout clothes.

Even if you don’t want to load your suitcase or travel bag with various tennis shoes and workout clothes, you’d be amazed what just one outfit and multiple pair of socks can do! I have no shame in saying that due to limited space in my bag, I’ve packed one outfit and gotten three workouts out of it simply by rinsing it out and hanging it to dry overnight. This one outfit was the difference between a happy, healthy work trip that could’ve have thrown me for a loop physically, mentally and nutritionally.  You too can make the same choice!



Light fitness equipment.

You can never go wrong when you travel with a jump rope and a couple resistance bands, two light pieces of equipment unlikely to put you over baggage weight limits. By adding resistance band exercises and the extra cardio work of a jumprope to a bodyweight workout routine, you have no excuse not to exercise even if your hotel, apartment or rental house doesn’t have a formal gym.

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A plan of attack.

Always set a health goal before you head out for a busy day, week or maybe even a month. If you know your schedule consists of back-to-back meetings and client dinners or plenty of other tempting opportunities to be lazy and fall into a junk food frenzy, it’s up to you to decide what you will allow and what you will not. For some people, this might simply mean cutting back on calories (especially carbohydrates) on days you aren’t as active or waking up a few minutes earlier to knock out a workout before the day gets away from you.


As summer vacations quickly approach, we hope you find yourself preparing for healthy travels. Set goals to save a little money, get active, eat well, and, of course, have fun and be creative in devising a plan that suits you!




Lauren Peper and Jennifer Broughton are the health coaches and personal trainers behind Two Fit Girls, a Raleigh, NC-based company specializing in health coaching, boot camps and healthy foods. To learn more about Two Fit Girls, join their fitness community on Facebook or contact them at

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