Benefits of MeditationWhen we set out to improve our health, there are a handful of steps most of us take first: setting goals and milestones, writing grocery lists, joining gyms or hiring personal trainers, bookmarking healthy recipes, and other go-tos. But many of us forget a tactic we can employ without an expensive contract or diet plan: meditation. Meditation is not, as many believe, simply sitting on the floor for an hour chanting and trying to empty your mind, among other common misconceptions, but rather focusing the mind inward.

Tuning in to your thoughts, even if for just 10 minutes a day, doesn’t just have incredible power in improving your mental health, stress and focus, but it can also yield significant physical health benefits, too. Take a look at this infographic from Health Perch and Ghergich & Co. to see what meditation really is and how it affects you from head to toe.



Your Body on Meditation
“Your Body on Meditation” on Health Perch

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