Spread Eagle Sit Up 2

Get your fitness on in a star (and sweat) spangled manner with Two Fit Girls’ Independence Day-inspired workout routine! All you’ll need is a mat and a stability ball (and maybe some red, white and blue workout attire) to celebrate birthday of the good ol’ USA with this core and cardio series all summer long.



10 squats  |  10 Push-ups  |  10 Squats
5 sun salutations in each direction


7/4/1776 Workout

This workout contains seven rounds of four exercises for either 17 or 76 repetitions:

17 Spread Eagle Sit-Ups

Begin by laying flat on the ground with arms and legs out wide. Sit up reaching one hand toward the opposite foot keeping legs and feet in contact with the ground. Return shoulder blades all the way back to the ground and switch arms by reaching up and over to the other foot.

76 Nifty Star Jumps

Begin by squatting down and bounding upward like doing a jumping jack in the air. Return to the squat position and immediately jump again with arms and legs out wide! Go as quickly as possible to complete your reps.

17 “Let’s Roll” Out Planks

Get on your knees, keep core tight and place fists on the exercise ball at about your belly button. Push/roll the ball away from you until your arms are straight out in front of you and your torso is fully extended. Pull your arms back toward you engaging your core and lats (mid back below the armpits) and return to the starting position. Keep rolling out and back in until reps are complete.

76 Mountain Climbers

Get in a prone position with hands directly below your shoulder blades. Keep core and glutes tight; think belly button to your spine! Begin a running or climbing motion quickly bringing your knees to your chest. Left and right equals one repetition!



BONUS: Workout Soundtrack

As an added bonus, we thought you might need a few songs to pump up your patriotic workout spirit!

ROCK in the USA – John Mellencamp
Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show
Firework – Katy Perry
American Woman – Lenny Kravitz
Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen
Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus
American Girl – Tom Petty
American Honey – Lady Antebellum
Fourth of July – Fall Out Boy
The Star Spangled Banner – Boston





Lauren Peper and Jennifer Broughton are the health coaches and personal trainers behind Two Fit Girls, a Raleigh, NC-based company specializing in health coaching, boot camps and healthy foods. Learn more >

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