Not sure what to get that adventurous globetrotter in your life? We’re detailing five subscription food boxes that make great gifts for travelers. Tastes from far away lands are just a postage stamp away.


Try the World

try the world

Try the World is the perfect thing for those with insatiable wanderlust. Every other month, Try the World will send you a delicious food box with exotic tastes from another country. Each box contains 6-7 full-sized “artisanal delicacies” that are chosen by a local expert, so you know your taste buds are in good hands. Try Turkish delights one month, and sample orange peel croquants from Morocco the next. You’ll also receive a card describing each item and its origins, so you’ll never be left wondering what you’ve eaten.

What Makes it Awesome? In addition to food, your Try the World box also contains a culture guide complete with music, movies, recipes, and more! It’s a fun and easy way to experience new cultures and tastes without breaking out the backpack.

Cost: $33-39/box depending on subscription




Munchpak is a snack pack delivered to your doorstep containing 10 (or more) full-sized snacks from across the globe. Try everything from Europe’s Kinder chocolate to Japan’s Pocky sticks! These unique and fun treats are perfect for travelers who miss sampling local cuisine. If you need exotic munchies ASAP, have no fear – they ship within 72 hours, so you’ll have foreign snacks in your fingers within just a few days!

What Makes it Awesome? At a lower price point, Munchpak provides an affordable taste of travel, even for those who are accustomed to crashing in hostels.

Cost: $10/box




Skoshbox is a food subscription box featuring Japanese treats and snacks, perfect for those travelers who can’t stop daydreaming about Asia and anime. Skoshbox comes from the word “sukoshi” which means “a little bit” in Japanese, delivering a little box of treats just for you from across the ocean. The standard Skoshbox contains several sample-sized treats. If you can’t get enough, try the bigger DEKAbox, which contains 1 lb of full-sized snacks. If you find a certain treat you’re crazy about, you can special order that snack through Skoshbox’s online snack shop. For globetrotters who long for squid chips and bear-shaped cookies, Skoshbox is a great way to get a taste of Asia without the hefty price tag of a flight.

What Makes it Awesome? Japan is famous for its eccentric snacks, and getting the chance to sample some of Japan’s quirkiest treats is an opportunity that shouldn’t be squandered!

Cost: $10-$12/box depending on your subscription plan


Steepster Select


Steepster Select delivers five flights of tasty teas from near and far to your doorstep. Along with your teas, you’ll receive brewing instructions, tasting observations, and fun info about each tea selection. As an added bonus, your Steepster box also comes with a reusable muslin tote bag to keep your teas in. Steepster also has a thriving online community, where members share photos, ratings, and notes about their favorite teas.

What Makes it Awesome? This collection of exotic teas from around the world provides the perfect companions for a quiet morning or a relaxing afternoon.

Cost: $25/box



mistobox coffee

Mistobox is a coffee subscription service, sending users the best beans from around the globe. Mistobox sends you a wide variety of coffee, featuring an assortment of unique flavors and roasts for every morning mood. Decide each month if you want four small tasting packs for variety, or one full-sized coffee pack. Either way, your morning is about to get a lot more international!

What Makes it Awesome? Each coffee includes tasting notes, information about the harvesting process, the coffee’s origin, the coffee’s roasting date, and even the beans’ elevation, providing everything you need to appreciate your one-of-a-kind brew.

Cost: $20/month


These traveler subscription boxes bring the taste of travel to your doorstep. Try one and let us know what you think in the comments!



About the Author: Megan is a traveler and foodie fan. Her blog, Life Health HQ, covers topics around healthy (and adventurous) eating, fitness, and wellness.



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