Allagash Brewing's Tribute Series 20th Anniversary Fluxus

Allagash Brewing’s Tribute Series 20th Anniversary Fluxus

This week at Travel Well, we review Allagash Brewing’s Tribute Series 20th Anniversary Fluxus (ALC 8%.) The Fluxus is brewed each year with a different recipe, and this year’s offering is a Belgian strong ale brewed with experimental hops and maple syrup. The Allagash Tribute Series beers are one way they “give back to groups and organizations in our home state that make a positive impact in our greater neighborhood.” I will happily support and drink to that!


Pours a massive four-finger bubbly head with serious staying power. Foggy gold in a glass. Medium to heavy carbonation makes for an almost mesmerizing effect.


Smells of pale malt with fruity esters of banana and pineapple and a sour note like that of lemon or lime.


Smooth drinking with a crisp, dry finish. Medium to heavy carbonation. The alcohol, although 8%, is very tame and session friendly.


Banana, pineapple and crisp green apple upfront. The cracker-like malt and sour yeast I expect from a Belgian ale are present but rather reserved. Clove and sour lemon give the beer a pleasant earthy bitterness. Finishes dry and actually reminds me of a lot of the same characteristics of a Pinot Grigio.

The 2015 Fluxus is easy drinking and very well balanced. I find myself jokingly referring to the 2015 Fluxus as a “session strong ale.” I could easily see recommending the Fluxus to friends who enjoy the style or want an easy drinking or higher octane beer. I would have liked to find the maple syrup on the stronger side, which was one aspect I was particularly exited about. Overall I was hoping for a little more punch for the price. However, I will undoubtedly by searching for the new recipe next year.

Score: 6.5/10







Highly Recommended


Perfect/Must Try

Did you get this year’s Fluxus?

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