It is impossible to think about surfing without thinking about the big Land Down Under. There are many surfing spots in the world, but Australia is on the very top with its amazing and interesting surfing culture. However, that does not mean that the Aussies do nothing else outside except surfing. There are plenty outdoor activities to enjoy, and these are the most popular ones. Hope you enjoy and visit us soon!



This is the word that the Aussies use when they talk about hiking. It is hard to name all the amazing and jaw-dropping trails in Australia that are worth your visit. If you just want to take a nice walk by the beach, you can go from Manly to the North Head. However, if you want something more challenging, you need to look for a guide to take you deep into the woods of the Blue Mountains. For those that search for the ultimate experience, there are also the magical Whitehaven Island and its rainforest that grows on the sand.




It is almost impossible to try snorkeling on the beaches of Australia and get bored. Every beach or lagoon of this country is filled with lovely marine life and glorious snorkeling chances. The Great Barrier Reef itself is the snorkeling and diving paradise that is unmatched.

Bike Riding

While people do not often think about Australia as the place of many cycling tracks, the truth is different. There are some amazing tracks like Great Ocean Road, High Country Brewery Road and Mt Buller. While the ocean road will get you near the sea and allow you to enjoy some amazing scenery, breweries are also appealing to some cyclers. Mt Buller may prove itself to be quite a challenge, so having one of the electric bikes for this route is a great idea.

Four Wheel Driving

The vast outback is the perfect place for those that enjoy the four wheel driving. There are thousands of miles of uninhabited land, just waiting for some enthusiasts to come and break the silence with their mighty engines.




It is not all about the ocean and the waves. Some Aussies love kayaking on the white rivers as well. Tully River is one of the most visited rivers in Australia when it comes to kayaking trips. Franklin River does not fall far behind in this regard, either.



Beach Chilling and Surfing

In the end, it seems that the most cherished outdoor activity all over the world is doing nothing on the beach. Aussies are no different here. Thousands of beaches in Australia are swamped with people who come there to soak up the sun and the ocean breeze, without doing anything in particular. But the other big part of the beach populous just loves surfing. Aussies are famous for their surfers and surfettes! Almost everyone has at least tried it once in their lifetime, and if you are a newbie you should seek guidance from professionals such as Natural Necessity and get yourself a board and a positive attitude. And get those waves!

Positive attitude and healthy lifestyle is a part of life of many Australians. This includes a lot of great outdoor activities. However, there is one more activity that is famous in the entire Land Down Under and people of all ages practice it regularly: barbecuing. Having a nice barbecue and sipping some local beer is something that every Aussie loves. Gathering friends and family in your backyard for this occasion is not an unusual outdoor activity for the entire family.



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