Champion Brewing Company's Shower Beer czech-style pils

Champion Brewing Company’s Shower Beer Czech-Style Pilsner

Ah yes, the shower beer. It’s one of those perfect combinations that soothes the soul and erases the stress of the day. This week we disrobe and step into a steamy nirvana of hot water and cold brew with Champion Brewing Company‘s Shower Beer (ALC 4.5% IBU 35), a czech-styled pilsner that invites us to imbibe and unwind. Wait a minute, you don’t enjoy beer in the shower? Then, my friends, it’s time for a change!




Pours just a shade darker than a straw gold, slightly cloudy with a creamy two-finger head. Carbonation is heavy with fizzy bubbles active throughout.


Clean, spicy. Smells of sourdough and low-key hops.


Bright carbonation gives way to a soft finish.


Pale grain characters dominate. Biscuit-y malt, sourdough and crackers. Sweet toffee, fresh cut grass and lemon peel. Some coriander-like spiciness. Faint flavors of saaz hops. Great for a hot soak or a steamy summer day.


Overall, Champion Brewing’s Shower Beer is an easy-drinking, nearly-perfect true-to-style beer that’s a great accompaniment to your nighttime shower (or maybe a Sunday morning one–no judgement here.) This is a beer for when you’re looking for brew that’s not overly complex with a low ABV and plenty of flavor.

Score: 8/10







Highly Recommended


Perfect/Must Try

What’s your shower beer?

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