Our next beer comes into our telescope’s focus this week from Oregon, one of the biggest brewing galaxies. Ecliptic Brewing‘s Filament Winter IPA (ALC 7.2% IBU 70) is especially fitting as we on the East Coast shiver in the season’s frigid weather. Ecliptic’s philosophy is to “push the limits of creativity in the brewhouse,” so let’s see how creative they got with with Filament.




Deep wildflower honey color. Heavy carbonation, lots of bubbles hanging onto the glass. One-inch thick soapy head. Slight hazy sediment at the bottom of the bottle.


Very crisp. Heavy caramel malt, earthy and spicy. Hop scent very subdued.


Light mouthfeel. Bubbly. Dry and cloying at finish.


Sweet toffee-like malts upfront. Strong flavors of rye bread and correlating spices of caraway seeds, anise and fennel. Mild fruits of orange and grapefruit. Finishes bitter. Heavier on the malt profile, drinks like an English IPA.



Filament eclipses the typical uber hoppy American IPAs by hiding much of the hop flavor in the shadows. Where most IPAs shine in spring and summer, Eclipse doesn’t let the hops overwhelm other ingredients, instead creatively inviting its spicy characteristics to bring some warmth and make it a great winter beer. I did find Filament to finish just a little harsh or raw perhaps, but overall Filament is a balanced beer and a great selection for those of us bracing icy winter winds.

Score: 7/10






Highly Recommended


Perfect/Must Try

Have you tried this winter IPA yet?

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