This week we review a vintage 2009 Aventinus, a doppelbock from the historic Schneider Weisse that has been brewing some of the most famous and widely celebrated German wheat beer since 1927. Because Aventinus ages so successfully, the Schneider brewery began aging batches of Aventinus in 1999 in their ice cellar for a minimum of three years. Only 240 cases are bottled each year, so I am excited to be able to try this small batch offering.



Amber brown and very bright. Medium carbonation. While fresh brewed Aventinus will produce a monster head often seen with this style, the vintage pours a very thin head that disappears quickly. No lacing.


Very malty, caramel and toasty brown. Sweet brown sugar and spicy clove. Any hop aroma absent.


Medium bodied. Spicy and prickly on the tongue. Although toned down still a rather effervescent brew. Tame alcohol warmth.


Sweet malts, brown sugar and molasses. Very rich and complex. Esters of banana, green apple, peach, plum and prune. Malts and spice create a wonderful combination that reminds me of pumpernickel. Although at the top range of alcohol for the style, it’s very easy drinking. Overall a very balanced beer. I do wonder if the aging process has begun to reach its downslope a little and taken away from some of the qualities it would show fresh (I plan to do a side-by-side and find out).


As you might expect from one of the longest operating breweries, Schneider brewery knows what it’s doing. Aventinus is not just a great beer but also a great representation of the style. I would highly recommend finding it for yourself and experience what comes with years of expertise. Aventinus is a sophisticated beer that embodies the Bavarian craft beautifully. You will find bottles of vintage Aventinus wrapped in decorative paper covered with significant historical events from the year it was brewed.

Score: 9/10







Highly Recommended


Perfect/Must Try

Have you experienced this German heavyweight?

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