Sydney, Australia is known for its rich beach culture. If you have yet to discover all the beaches this beautiful city has to offer, now’s a perfect time to start exploring.

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Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach is a place that always swarms with people due to the many possibilities it has to offer. Coastal walks and swimming are the main attractions at this beach, of course, but it is also a popular nightlife destination. There are many swimming baths such as McIver’s and Wylie’s Baths, promenades for barbecuing, as well as a playground for kids. Eating opportunities are endless with a great number of restaurants and cafes along the coastline. One of the most popular experiences is having lunch at the Coogee Pavilion’s rooftop.

Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl Beach | Photo: Sacha Fernandez, Flickr

Curl Curl Beach | Photo: Sacha Fernandez, Flickr

Curl Curl Beach does not receive many tourists due to its smaller size and relative anonymity with so many other more popular beaches. This makes it perfect for locals or travelers who just want to relax or enjoy themselves away from big crowds. This beach is perfect for surfing and swimming and has a surf lifesaving club to monitor everything. A lagoon is located at the northern part of the beach and offers great conditions for body boarding and fun for kids where they can walk through the water and amuse themselves with making sandcastles and searching for various sea creatures. Moreover, kiosks, cafes and a child-friendly ocean swimming pool make this place a great weekend escape.

Balmoral Beach

Balmoral Beach | Photo: Phil Whitehouse, Flickr

Balmoral Beach | Photo: Phil Whitehouse, Flickr

Visiting Balmoral Beach offers a new and refreshing experience with its great walking possibilities and old fig trees that protect the people from the sun. The northern area of the beach is a bit quieter than the southern one. Swimming and snorkeling are some of the possible fun activities to do at this beach, apart from taking lovely walks surrounded by nature. One can also relax in various restaurants, such as Balmoral Beach Kiosk and Balmoral Boatshed. There are great food choices that even include take-away. What’s more, Balmoral Baths is a great place for both young children and teenagers, while old buildings like the Balmoral Beach Rotunda host some interesting events.

Long Reef Beach | Photo: G Crouch, Flickr

Long Reef Beach | Photo: G Crouch, Flickr

Long Reef Beach

Another smaller beach that is not that crowded is Long Reef Beach which makes it perfect for a relaxing time. Its great wind conditions are perfect for surfing which can be taught at the beach as well as wind surfing and bodyboarding. Beautiful nature offers a lot of possibility for family picnics and cricket games, and there are even free electric barbecues already set up on the beach. Kiosks offer refreshments on hot summer days while grassy areas and breathtaking ocean scenery present a great setting for beach weddings and other special occasions.

Clovelly Beach

Clovelly Beach is surrounded with concrete platforms making this beach appear like an ocean swimming pool that is a safe place for children and a great place for sunbathing and snorkeling. Marine life is much appreciated here, therefore any hunting is prohibited. Still, underwater visibility is incredible and you can enjoy observing sea creatures in their natural state. Moreover, a large free car park next to the beach makes things easier for a lot of people while Seasalt Café offers many different possibilities for food and refreshments.

Make sure to enjoy your free time to the fullest and discover some of the beautiful places near you that will become an important part of your relaxation and stress relief and ensure some great fun at the same time.

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