UPDATE: You can now watch the Travel Well episode of Tiny House Nation on until October 1, 2016.

You heard that right, folks! Tiny House Nation’s season 3 finale will feature Travel Well Magazine and our journey going tiny. Tune in to FYI at 9 PM EST on August 27 to see Alexa and Allen pare down and take tiny challenges with host John Weisbarth while Zack Giffin crafts some amazing tiny house projects, all with travel, wellness and sustainability in mind.

FYI’s episode synopsis: Allen and Alexa are newlyweds looking to expand their online travel wellness magazine by going tiny. They’re looking for a space that combines their love for fitness and travel while still having all the creature comforts of home and then some. They want to hit the road full-time so they can explore the country sharing experiences through their work and have asked John and Zack to help fit it all in one tiny space.

To watch: Check your local listings, download the FYI app, or visit

Correction as of 8/27/16: FYI is not available on or SlingTV via Amazon Fire.

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