Travel Well is excited to announce the newest addition to the magazine: an online store! We love helping people find the products that help them live and travel sustainably healthy, and we’re proud to spread the word about businesses and nonprofits providing such goods. So, we’re making it easy by curating all of our favorite products in the Travel Well Shop, including categories like clothing, travel gearoutdoorsgreen goods, and so much more.

As a bonus, by shopping in our store, you’ll also help keep the magazine running free for all readers. Many, but not all, of the items in our store are linked through affiliate programs, so if you click through and purchase any one of our affiliates’ products, we’ll get a small commission at no cost to you. No matter what, you can be confident that every product in our shop is something that embodies the Travel Well mission, regardless of whether or not the magazine receives a commission.


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