Ladies, it’s time we gave our breasts a little love. (Gents, if you’ve stumbled upon this, you can kindly forward this to the women in your life and skip ahead to some of our other gear articles.) Many of us spend a lot of time and money searching for bras that fit comfortably with the right amount of support, only to look forward to taking them off at the end of the day. Group exercise instructor and mom Jennifer Ferguson used to live with the frustration of sub optimal sports bras every day—a critical garment in an active and busy lifestyle like hers and many TW readers’. She set out to create a better bra and with it an empowering community for women in Handful, the fun, witty and adventurous brand with a sense of humor.

“We make bras that make you happy,” reads Handful’s brand handbook. “Happy because they fit just right and feel great no matter what you’re doing. Happy because the woman who designed them thought of all the details, leaving you with one–make that two–less things to worry about.”

After Travel Well’s test of the adjustable Handful sports bra, I couldn’t agree more. For the first time in my life, I genuinely look forward to putting a bra on. It’s a treat when my bra comes out of the laundry because it means I can go from work to travel to the gym and everywhere in between in blissful comfort. The Handful has become a wardrobe staple for 5 key reasons, and it just may become yours, too.



Above all, the Handful bra wins in comfort. Its luxuriously soft, quick-dry 77% poly/23% spandex and form-fitting support makes me forget I’m even wearing a bra, which we can all agree is a great feeling. Sometimes it even feels better to wear it than to go without.

Support with Give

Speaking of support, I don’t have a large chest by any means—quite the opposite—but us small-busted ladies need lift and control, too. The Handful bra provides both without too-tight straps or irritating under wires, and it allows just the right amount of give when moving or exercising so the girls don’t feel uncomfortably compressed. As Handful’s tagline says, “Flatter, don’t flatten.”


Although the Handful bra is technically a sports bra, its slim straps, V neck with subtle ruching, and control sans uniboob makes it perfect for daily wear. I always wear the straps X-back, but you can also wear them straight back or tied as a halter. Plus, the interior pad pockets double as secret stashes for your keys, cards and other small items. I added this bra to my travel must-haves checklist as soon as I tried it on, and it’s even become my go-to bikini top.

Removable Lights Out Inserts

As any woman who’s ever been cold (ahem, all women ever) or exerted herself at the gym can assert, headlights can be a real and embarrassing problem. Handful bras have you covered with their Lights Out inserts (there’s that sense of humor.) These removable inserts give wearers plenty of coverage to prevent shirt pointies, plus a little extra oomph for smaller chests and women who have undergone mastectomies.

Company Mission

Handful’s support of women who have or have had breast cancer is a central part of its mission. Their full of fight attitude supports survivors, helping them “live life to the fullest, no matter was life throws their way” through accepting insurance coverage, discounts and free extra Lights Out sets, and its AmBADASSador Program’s Cancer Crushers.

The only downside I can find to Handful bras are the price tags. The adjustable sports bra costs $50 (though I did find it for $36 on Amazon) and the Y-back bra is $54, which is more than I would typically shell out for a blazer, let alone a bra. However, I know not all budgets are created equal, and I certainly recognize when to invest in quality. All of Handful’s benefits and social efforts make the cost more than worth it.

Before I got the chance to test Handful’s products, I would never have guessed I would evangelize a bra. But I totally am. I genuinely love it, and I will happily pay more to switch to them exclusively. Ladies, one of the biggest favors you can do for your girls is to try one out for yourself.


Editor’s Note: Travel Well received no compensation for this article, only one bra for testing purposes. All opinions here are our own.



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