Travel Well Magazine is the online source for health and sustainability for travelers and the places we explore. Each issue offers new resources and inspiration to help readers travel and live in a way that’s good for you and good for the world.

Created in 2014 as a blog and mobile fitness program for travelers by personal trainer Allen Johnson and journalist Alexa Nota, the site grew quickly to encompass all areas of travel wellness. If the planet isn’t healthy, we aren’t healthy, and if we aren’t healthy, neither is the planet. That’s why we cover every piece of the puzzle: whole body wellness, environmentalism and ecotourism, animal welfare and wildlife protection, cultural sustainability, and mindfulness.

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We believe in crossing real and imaginary borders, whether across the street or halfway around the globe, to find your adventure. Travel Well features destinations, travel guides, inspirational stories and more to help you do just that. 


Staying active at home and on the go is tough, but we’re making it easier with every issue by sharing free workouts, active vacations, fit destinations and alternative ways to stay moving without sacrificing travel time for gym time. 


Eating well doesn’t mean skipping one of the best things about travel: delicious food. Instead, we provide the resources and recipes to help you strike a healthy balance in getting all the nutrition you need and enjoying the local specialties guilt free. 


Sustainability is a non-negotiable in preserving all the wonderful places this world has to offer. We believe in traveling–and living–mindfully with a consciousness for both cultures and ecosystems on a local, regional and global scale, and every issue provides new tools to help you minimize your footprint no matter where you step.


Being healthy means more than just exercising and eating well, it’s taking care of every piece of the health puzzle: stress and mental health, rest and relaxation, injury prevention, immune support, and more. We realize the importance each piece plays, and we provide the tools you need to keep your whole body healthy and happy for all of life’s adventures. 


Every living being is connected, and when one of us suffers, we all suffer. We believe that as good global citizens, we should take a stand for the people, places and ecosystems that can’t stand for themselves, and we can amplify our collective voice to power positive change. Travel Well explores several issues affecting the health of our world and provides avenues to get involved and make a difference.

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