Refugee Relief Efforts in Berlin

In September alone, 12,000 refugees applied for asylum in Berlin–more than the number of applicants from 2011, 2012 and 2013 combined. The city cannot keep up. For that reason, citizens like Murat Adash have stepped in to help their new neighbors by organizing a flea market along with five colleagues and other friends to benefit refugee relief organizations in the city.

Berlin and the Question of Identity

What do we expect from Berlin? How do you distill down a city that’s constantly changing? For the past few years, Berlin’s slogan has been “poor but sexy,” but as the next era of changes hit the city, the nickname might no longer fit.

A Traveler’s Guide to Finding Coffee in Berlin

Finding famous places in Berlin is made easy by an abundance of guidebooks, tourism websites and blogs dedicated to navigating the city. However, figuring out where you’ll spend time before, afterwards, and in-between is often more difficult than it seems. This guide seeks to make it easier — while making it taste really good, too. That is, if you like coffee.

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