7 Ways to Get Active in Autumn

Fall is one of the best times of years to get moving outdoors, which is increasingly important as holiday treats start appearing around every corner. Stay active and help prevent winter weight gain with some of our most favorite things to do in Autumn.

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5 Healthy Gas Station Snacks

Gas stations don’t necessarily make us think of healthy food, but if you know what to look for, they can supply you with the perfect snack to hold you over on long stretches of otherwise empty roads.

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Your Brain on Coffee vs Beer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Allen loves beer, Alexa love coffee, and this infographic explains why each is so perfect for their personalities. Check out how these two magical beverages affect your brain and why a coffee stout might become your new favorite brew.

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Surprise Skydiving

For Allen’s 28th birthday, Alexa snuck him away from work with a surprise skydiving trip for his first ever jump.

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