12 Tiny House Pros and Cons

Tiny house living has some obvious pros and cons: money savings, fewer amenities, mobility, minimal storage, smaller footprint, more red tape. But what’s less obvious is that the trade-offs are as varied as the tiny house community itself, each unique to the individual dweller, and they are fluid. What’s a pro today might be a con tomorrow. In just six months of living in 250 square feet on wheels, we quickly discovered our 12 big pros and cons, some expected, some unexpected, and all open to change in the next six months.

Travel Well has a new online store!

Travel Well is excited to announce the newest addition to the magazine: an online store! We love helping people find the products that help them live and travel sustainably healthy, and we’re proud to spread the word about businesses and nonprofits providing such goods.

10 Tiny House FAQs

After our first six months of living in a tiny house, we’re no experts in the tiny life just yet, but we are accustomed to answering a handful of frequently asked questions. If you’re curious what it’s like to live in 250 square feet on wheels, here’s some inside intel from the Travel Well tiny house.

Travel Well to Appear on Tiny House Nation 8/27, 9 PM EST on FYI

Tiny House Nation’s season 3 finale will feature Travel Well Magazine and our journey going tiny. Tune in to FYI at 9 PM EST on August 27 to see Alexa and Allen pare down and take tiny challenges with host John Weisbarth while Zack Giffin crafts some amazing tiny house projects, all with travel, wellness and sustainability in mind.

Leaving 2015 in the Stardust

Behind the pages of the magazine, every major life event that could happen to us happened. But even on our darkest nights, little twinkling dots were connecting around us, forming a constellation leading us to where we are today even when we couldn’t see it. As we venture into 2016, we have given up on trying to decide or control what shape our constellation will take, instead kicking back with our feet in the sand and letting the stars align as they may.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

During the holiday season, it’s more important than ever to be conscious of where we shop and what we buy. That’s why every year we put together a list of our favorite things that match our mission of health and sustainability for people and the world we explore. This year we’ve curated 40+ products we love that are good for you, good for the planet and good for communities in need.

How to Grill Your Favorite Vegetables [Infographic]

With a little prep and a hot grill rack, asparagus, artichokes, peppers, mushrooms and many other veggies become tender, crispy, and delicious dishes that stand on their own or become the perfect sides to your barbecue. Bookmark this infographic full of easy veggie-grilling tips from and Ghergich & Co. for your next summer dinner or backyard cookout.

Eating Healthy with 15+ Hacks and Tips for Your Slow Cooker [INFOGRAPHIC]

Being able to cook a variety of nutritious and delicious meals easily can make or break a healthy lifestyle, and having the proper kitchen tools on hand to do so is essential. Whether you’ve got a full kitchen or a tiny kitchenette where shelf space is prime real estate, a slow cooker is a must-have. This set-it-and-forget-it appliance takes the guesswork out of nearly every meal, from a healthy dinner for two to prepping ahead for the week to crowd-pleasing dishes for your next party. Bookmark this infographic to make the most of this handy tool with these 15+ hacks and tips from PartSelect and Ghergich & Co.

20 Whole Body Health Benefits of Meditation [Infographic]

When setting out to improve our health, many of us forget a tactic we can employ without an expensive contract or diet plan: meditation. Meditation is not, as many believe, simply sitting on the floor for an hour chanting and trying to empty your mind, among other common misconceptions, but rather focusing the mind inward. Tuning in to your thoughts, even if for just 10 minutes a day, doesn’t just have incredible power in improving your mental health, stress and focus, but it can also yield significant physical health benefits, too.

Spiraling Out of Control: Plastic Buildup in our Oceans [INFOGRAPHIC]

A huge portion of litter on land travels tens, hundreds or even thousands of miles by waterways, ultimately ending up in the ocean–an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic litter, to be exact. The problem of plastic pollution in our oceans is spiraling out of control, literally, as it collects in the five major ocean gyres and delicate marine ecosystems. To shine a spotlight on a problem we can’t see from shore, Custom Made and Ghergich & Co. have created this insightful infographic exploring the dire issue of plastic buildup in the world’s oceans.

Kind for a Cause: Take Our #ActofKindness 30-Day Challenge and We’ll Donate to Achilles International

Acts of kindness aren’t random. Being kind is a purposeful choice, and a simple one. That’s why our challenge this month will exhibit and amplify kindness everywhere: Complete an act of kindness for another once a day between March 2 and March 31 and Travel Well will donate to Achilles International. See contest for details and how to enter.

30 Acts of Kindness You Can Do Anywhere

Kindness knows no geographical borders or language barriers, and one act of kindness can grow from a small ripple to a wave of positive change. When we are kind with purpose and intention, we have the power to make the world brighter and better. Here are 30 acts of kindness you can do any time no matter where you are.

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