10 Rules Every Gym Needs

As obvious as some gym etiquette reminders may seem, you’d be surprised to see how often they are ignored. These are Travel Well’s top 10 rules for every gym.

Playground Plyometrics: A Playful Workout for Traveling Parents

With benches and climbing equipment, Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber knew a playground could become the perfect place for a creative workout that would be an ideal challenge for her and a fun morning for her active child. The next time you’re traveling—with or without kids—find a playground and test out these moves for a great workout on the go.

5 Reasons to Make the Handful Bra a Wardrobe Staple

Many of us spend a lot of time and money searching for bras that fit comfortably with the right amount of support, only to look forward to taking them off at the end of the day. After Travel Well’s test of the adjustable Handful sports bra, for the first time in my life, I genuinely look forward to putting a bra ON. The Handful has become a wardrobe staple for 5 key reasons, and it just may become yours, too.

Chasing the Wind: Q&A with Pro Kitesurfer Polly Crathorne

One of the first things you’ll notice about Polly Crathorne is her big smile. After that you’ll probably notice the ease of the conversation and her general easy-going attitude. You may even take note of her affinity for funky patterned fabrics. What you probably won’t pick up on is that sitting across from you is the first woman and youngest person to kite across the English Channel. Crathorne is a professional kite surfer who currently holds four kiting world records. She has travelled to 25 different countries and is attending university as a full time student.

And she is only 21 years old.

Introductory Guide to Foam Rolling

Foam rollers are commonplace in fitness facilities, physical therapy clinics and locker rooms for valued benefits that include helping to correct bad posture, treating injuries, relieving aches and pains, and a host of other reasons to add it to your routine. We’ve teamed up with Tina Garnaat, the brand manager of fitness at TriggerPoint, on this introductory guide to foam rolling.

Disc Golf: Grab a Disc, Smack a Tree

Disc golf isn’t new, but it’s seen significant growth in courses, events and players (Allen included) over the last decade. The appeal is evident: It’s fun, it can be relatively easy to pick up, courses can be found in many areas, and it’s cheap to play recreationally.

The Ultimate Guide to Running Your First 5k, 10k, Half or Full Marathon

To help you cross the finish line in any new distance up to a marathon, Travel Well has developed the ultimate running guide just for you, covering everything from selecting your event and how to stay motivated through those tough training days. With the proper resources, guidance and encouragement, running your first race goes from something overwhelming and impossible to a check mark on your to-do list.

Product Review: Tritan Square by Clean Bottle

One of the healthiest things we can do for ourselves is to stay adequately hydrated, and one of the healthiest things we can do for our planet is protect it from our wasteful garbage. At the intersection of the two is a simple habit: using a reusable water bottle instead of the single use plastic variety. We’re always looking for ways to help readers make the switch, so we took Clean Bottle up on their offer to test their new Tritan Square Bottle line.

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