14 Tech Tools for Pet Health and Happiness

Our pets’ health and happiness deserves and requires just as much attention as our own, but understanding their dietary and activity needs can be a challenge. Lucky for us and our four-legged friends, pet health technology is on the rise, and these fourteen tools help make it much easier to provide our pets with a long, high-quality and happy life.

Rover Makeover: SlimDoggy App Helps Dogs Slim Down and Eat Well

After adopting Jack, an “unadoptable” obese, anxious and irritable yellow lab requiring medication, Steve Pelletier knew he had to find a way to improve the dog’s health and quality of life—and he was going to use the power of data to do so. His efforts led to SlimDoggy, an app like a RunKeeper and Weight Watchers for dogs, for pet owners everywhere.

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