A response to “77 Reasons to Dislike Tiny Houses”

Oregonlive recently ran an article with 77 criticisms of the choice to live in a tiny house, comments typical of many tiny house-related articles. Having just passed our one year of tiny living anniversary, I thought it’s a fitting time for us to respond to these criticisms as active members of this community.

12 Tiny House Pros and Cons

Tiny house living has some obvious pros and cons: money savings, fewer amenities, mobility, minimal storage, smaller footprint, more red tape. But what’s less obvious is that the trade-offs are as varied as the tiny house community itself, each unique to the individual dweller, and they are fluid. What’s a pro today might be a con tomorrow. In just six months of living in 250 square feet on wheels, we quickly discovered our 12 big pros and cons, some expected, some unexpected, and all open to change in the next six months.

6 Tiny Living Principles Everyone Should Try

No matter what your feelings are on tiny home living, I think we can all agree that living with less meaningless crap and more of what makes us happy is a pretty good life goal, right? There are several principles to tiny living that we encourage, all of which can be used no matter how big your home is or how much you travel, to free up your space, mind and wallet for the things that truly matter to you.

10 Tiny House FAQs

After our first six months of living in a tiny house, we’re no experts in the tiny life just yet, but we are accustomed to answering a handful of frequently asked questions. If you’re curious what it’s like to live in 250 square feet on wheels, here’s some inside intel from the Travel Well tiny house.

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