A Traveler’s Guide to Finding Coffee in Berlin

Finding famous places in Berlin is made easy by an abundance of guidebooks, tourism websites and blogs dedicated to navigating the city. However, figuring out where you’ll spend time before, afterwards, and in-between is often more difficult than it seems. This guide seeks to make it easier — while making it taste really good, too. That is, if you like coffee.

Guide to Traveling Well in Rhode Island

If you look closely, you’ll see the Ocean State is a traveler’s dream and a history buff’s heaven: Its natural terrain and geography provide countless outdoor activities for vacationers and adventurers alike, its restaurant offering satisfies every foodie’s curiosity, its art scene produces and attracts top creatives, and its history of deeply-rooted dissent leaves no question that general American badassery originated here.

10 Classic American Road Trips

Nowhere has US culture and travel collided more perfectly than on the classic American road trip. With iconic pieces of the country’s history and pristine natural preservations paralleling the yellow and white lines dashing across the map, hitting the open road is not only one of the best ways to see America, it’s one of the best ways to live and breathe it. From scenic coastal byways to remote stretches between national parks, these 10 classic road trips will take you through some of the most iconic locations around the country.

10 Spectacular Small-Town Fireworks Displays

While the spectators at big city fireworks shows must face seas of traffic or watch from afar, spectacular small town fireworks displays light up the sky above festivals, parades and more modest crowds in Small Town USA. To get the same explosive show with all the music and fun without the big city hassle, check out some of our favorite shows this Fourth of July.

Ireland in a Pint: Touring Dublin’s Historic Guinness Brewery

Just a few steps inside the Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate Brewery, a sense of its history and grandeur is overwhelming, starting with the 9,000 year lease signed by Arthur Guinness in 1759 displayed in a glass seal in the floor. Circling above the seal are seven floors connected by an interweaving network of escalators and turquise steel beams, rising higher and wider in an atrium the shape of a pint glass. From the ingredients that go into the iconic dark ruby pints to its transportation to the rest of the world to its signature advertising, each floor takes you through a piece of Guinness history. But the best stop of all is at the top.

Travel Well’s Guide to the Triangle: Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, NC

Often known as a hub of academic and research centers, the Triangle is rapidly growing into a food, brewery and travel destination, too. Whether you’re in downtown Raleigh, Chapel Hill’s Franklin Street or anywhere in between, you won’t have to venture too far to find a food truck rodeo, live outdoor music, big events, great beer and even better food.

Destination Fit: 10 Awesome Fitness Events Worth Traveling To

    Travel and fitness make quite the pair. Why not kill two birds with one stone by accomplishing a fitness goal and exploring a new destination at the same time? The attraction of a stellar location will help carry you through a tough training program and across the...

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