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#LiveWithLess 30-Day Challenge

Particularly here in the US, modern societies over-consume far more than we need, leading to a mammoth global waste problem and the crushing weight of too much stuff on our shoulders. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Eartheasy and The Story of Stuff Project to empower you to free yourself from the chains of stuff with this fun 30-day challenge. Pare down your life in one small way each day between Earth Day (April 22) and Biodiversity Day (May 22), and not only will you be happier and lighter at the end of the month, you’ll have a chance to win a sweet prize from!

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#Repurposely 30-Day DIY Challenge

So many of the products we use were designed for one single purpose or another–but we don’t have to accept this. That’s why we’re teaming up with Life Without Plastic and the Plastic Pollution Coalition on the #Repurposely 30-Day DIY Challenge!

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September Self Care Challenge [+ 20 Activity Ideas]

Reconnecting with ourselves every day can reduce stress, promote healthy habits and increase our overall happiness. That’s why this month we’re teaming up with Meredith Magnini, RD, to challenge you to make September the month of you by setting aside at least one moment each day for self care.

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#1TonLess Marine Debris Prevention Challenge

The prize drawing for this challenge is no longer open, but tackle it anyway to prevent marine debris and make the world a healthier, more beautiful place!   Whether left astray intentionally or accidentally, more than 6.7 thousand pieces of trash litter US roadways...

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#WasteNot: 30-Day Challenge to Reduce Trash

According to the most recent EPA statistics, the average American generates 4.38 lbs of waste every single day. In 2012, that added up to 250.9 MILLION TONS of municipal waste in the US alone. That’s why we’re partnering with Trash is for Tossers, The Simply Co. and Life Without Plastic to challenge you to reduce your trash production for the chance to win an awesome zero-waste starter set.

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WIN a Limited-Edition Travel Well Hoodie in our #Stretch20 30-Day Challenge

We’re challenging readers to stretch for 20 minutes a day for a chance to win a limited-edition Travel Well hoodie… and a relaxed, revitalized body. The challenge comes with a 20-minute stretching routine and tips on how to sneak more stretching into your day. See the #Stretch20 contest details for rules and how to enter.

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