Travel Well Magazine explores travel that’s good for you and good for the world around you. Our mission is to inspire travel that’s a healthy balance of exploration, adventure, and a consciousness for personal, cultural and environmental health, and we are looking for contributors who embody this mission in one or more of these areas who can craft engaging, well-researched articles and stories to inspire positive actions in our readers.

*Before submitting a full story, we request that you send us a pitch >


Subject Areas

The list below is a general overview of topics we cover. Contributors should pitch us their ideas before submitting fully written pieces, and we encourage fresh, out-of-the-box ideas as long as they fall under the general travel wellness umbrella. Suggested topic areas include:

  • Active and adventure travel
  • Active traveler’s guides, like this
  • Photography and photo stories
  • Exploration of interesting destinations and offbeat sites, like this
  • Ecotourism and ways to make traditional travel more environmentally friendly
  • Animal protection and wildlife conservation, including profiles like this
  • Cuisine, including restaurant profiles, local specialties and seasonal recipes*
  • Volunteer tourism
  • Profiles of local individuals and communities and how they are affected by tourism
  • Profiles of hotels and resorts like this that focus on personal health and fitness, environmental conservation and/or support and preservation of their local communities
  • Travel-focused health and fitness articles, such as spotlights of fitness professionals (like this), companies (like this), program reviews, and guides*

*Please keep in mind our health and fitness philosophy is all about healthy life balance. While we are avid enthusiasts of health-conscious lifestyles, we also believe it’s important to indulge, relax and enjoy those once-in-a-lifetime moments, even if they aren’t usually considered healthy. It’s those special things that nourish the mind and soul, so we welcome articles and stories in these areas as well.



What We're Looking For

Journalism degrees not required! We want to work with those who share our passions and have inspiring stories to tell, whether or not you’ve published anything before. This includes journalism students studying abroad, avid travelers, fitness pros, cooks and chefs, bloggers in applicable niches, photographers, freelance writers and any others with a natural curiosity about the world and a desire to make it a healthier place for all. We’re also looking for:

  • Experience or expertise and/or thorough research in the subject being covered
  • Quality photography and/or video (including detailed captions) to accompany written pieces
  • Some writing know-how: proper spelling and grammar, ability to convey information clearly and concisely, professional voice, appropriate source crediting and engaging storytelling (published pieces will be edited at our discretion)
  • NO plagiarism, fabrication, copyright violation or otherwise illegal and unethical work
  • Professionalism and attention to deadlines
  • Ceaseless curiosity
  • Genuine and friendly people


Have a workout that would be perfect for travelers? Share your expertise with Travel Well readers! We accept guest workouts from independent personal trainers, group exercise instructors and training students. Pitch us your workout, and we’ll send you more information on how to see it published here.

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