30 Days to the Perfect Pull Up [workout plan]

For many, pull ups are out of reach, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. We’ve teamed up with Perfect Fitness to bring you a 30-day workout series to take you from zero to pull-up pro, plus a chance to win a Perfect Pullup home workout system!

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Local Guide to Sydney Beaches

Sydney, Australia is known for its rich beach culture. If you have yet to discover all the beaches this beautiful city has to offer, now’s a perfect time to start exploring with this guide from a Sydney local.

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#LiveWithLess 30-Day Challenge

Particularly here in the US, modern societies over-consume far more than we need, leading to a mammoth global waste problem and the crushing weight of too much stuff on our shoulders. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Eartheasy and The Story of Stuff Project to empower you to free yourself from the chains of stuff with this fun 30-day challenge. Pare down your life in one small way each day between Earth Day (April 22) and Biodiversity Day (May 22), and not only will you be happier and lighter at the end of the month, you’ll have a chance to win a sweet prize from!

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Beer of the Week 4/14/16: Surly Brewing Company’s Furious IPA

Surly Brewing Company’s Furious is one of those beers that leaves permanent mark on those who have had it, and Travel Well’s beer geek can’t wait to dive in and see what the buzz is all about. Surly questions, “A tempest on the tongue, or a moment of pure hop bliss?” Let’s find out.

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6 Strategies to Travel with Only a Carry-on

  I, like many, was raised to be an over packer, a side effect of the chronic what ifs and just in cases that lead to closets full of rarely- to never-used stuff. On the surface, packing for contingencies makes sense—it would probably ruin some travel memories to...

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Product Review: OnSight Equipment Travel and Fitness Gear

On a recent press trip to Chicago, Travel Well had the chance to try some OnSight Equipment products courtesy of Eartheasy, an online retailer of sustainable living products. Based in British Columbia, OnSight Equipment specializes in sustainable outdoors and travel...

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5 of the Most Accessible Travel Destinations [Infographic]

For people with disabilities and mobility issues, travel challenges are at the same time simpler and immensely more difficult than lost luggage and delayed flights: curbs and stairs, too-narrow doorways, and non-adapted bathrooms can all quickly derail a trip. Much of the world was not built with wheelchairs and diverse abilities in mind, but thankfully that is changing. Today, spectacular destinations on every continent offer more accessible features than ever before, such as ramps, adapted restrooms, accessible transportation, elevators and roll-in entryways. This infographic from Burning Heights highlights five such cities and accessible destinations and accommodations in each.

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7 Common Beach Litter Items We Can Easily Eliminate

All I remember learning in school about waste was to look for the little arrow triangle to know if something is recyclable and to cut up the plastic rings soda cans came in so dolphins didn’t get them caught on their noses. We didn’t see what washes up on beaches after storms, we didn’t see what gets caught in grasses and other plants, and we didn’t see what people toss astray out of pure laziness and apathy. There was no stress on the true monumental scale of the waste problem, but based on our regular walks on a 2-mile stretch of beach on the relatively remote Hatteras Island 20 years later, it should have been a critical piece of our curriculum.

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Accomable: Peer-to-Peer Accessible Accommodations

While most travelers worry about unexpected costs, missed trains and cancelled flights, Srin Madipalli has bigger challenges to face, like how to get into buildings and through airport security. Srin has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (or SMA), a genetic disorder that impairs movement and requires him to use a motorized wheelchair. A six-month excursion opened his eyes to how difficult it was to find information on accessible transportation and accommodations, so he’s set out to fix that with

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Beer of the Week 2/5/16: Schneider Weisse Aventinus Vintage 2009

Schneider Weisse has been brewing some of the most famous and widely celebrated German wheat beer since 1927. Each year they brew just 240 cases of their Aventinus doppelbock, and this week Allen tries the vintage 2009. Find out why you should grab one of these rarer, beautifully-wrapped bottles if you ever come across one.

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